Our Vision & Mission

Remembering our past, yet leaning into the future, we are thankful for God's care for us. 

  • He guides us

    "We joyfully serve Jesus and our community."

    Our vision statement, adopted by our Session, means this is our aim: to serve Jesus and to do so with joy and gratitude for all God has done for us.

  • He challenges us

    "Called to put God's love in action, Orenco Church glorifies Jesus Christ by worshipping God and celebrating Him, sharing His Good News, and caring for the community and beyond."

    Our mission statement conveys God's challenge to us, to simply put His love into action! 

  • He has Provided for us

    We are grateful for our rich history. Orenco Presbyterian Church was chartered on June 1, 1909. Seventeen people came together, sensing God's call to form a church in a fledgling little company town, centered upon the Oregon Nursery Company (OreNCo). Their hope was to establish a place where townspeople could come and worship together.