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Resources for Sunday, January 29th:

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"Revelation:  A Conversation"

Wednesday Night Study

January 4th - February 8th

6:30 - 8:30pm

In person and livestream

The book of Revelation has been called one of the most confusing books in the Bible.  But this doesn't need to be the case!  Like every other book in the Bible, Revelation was written to a specific audience in a specific time and culture.  The author, John, wrote this book of visions using imagery and symbols that would have been familiar to his audience of 1st century Christian churches.  While his original audience would have picked up on these images and symbols, many modern readers become confused.  This class, taught by Tim Reed and Steve Marshman, was created with the goal of enabling 21st century readers to be able to read Revelation armed with a better understanding of the imagery and phrases used by John.  

We will gather on Wednesday nights for the next six weeks, except for week 3 when we will meet on Thursday, January 19th.  Below are links for all the resources you will need for this class.

Please use these class resources:

Promotional video:  https://vimeo.com/783787666

Supplemental podcasts, going thru Revelation verse by verse (<30 min ea): https://arevelationconversation.com

Handouts:  Revelation workbook

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Tuesday Morning Bible Study

10-11:00 AM

Attend in person or online via Zoom

"Begin each day with Jesus"

Click here for the course handout from Pastor Mark

Contact the church office for Zoom information


Sunday Worship Archives

Below you will find a video archive of our worship services through the end of 2022.  Since these are also available on our YouTube channel we have stopped storing them in two places.  Please use this link to watch our current and past worship services, as well as our Wednesday night study series: 


At Orenco Church, our pastor focuses on preaching series that are timely and relevant for us all, seeking to help us grow in our faith while engaging those who are asking questions and seeking Christ. Special teaching series are also offered in small groups and Bible studies held throughout the week. See our calendar for a weekly schedule, download our newsletter, or read more about our adult ministries

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