HomePlate Youth Services

HomePlate Youth Services provides an important service to homeless or displaced youth and young adults in Washington County. You have access to drop-in centers, meals, and street outreach through this unique ministry. It has been our privilege to cook and serve meals for these youth.

Family Promise

Family Promise is a nationwide organization that uses existing resources in an interfaith network of local congregations. Families receive meals and overnight lodging at churches in the community, which take turns sheltering families one week at at time. Our team has prepared food for the families they serve and helped with other needs.

Saving Grace Maternity Home

Saving Grace Maternity Home is a residential home experience for single young homeless women in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy or parenting a child under the age of 1.  Welcoming women ages 18-25 of all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, they also provide various life skills classes, assistance with prenatal and medical appointments, help facilitate education enrollment, finding employment, and researching suitable housing.  There is no cost to the young women to reside at Saving Grace.